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Where shall I dispense the serum sample to HAV IgG/IgM test?

From: 2017-10-16

it’s totally different for our HAV IgG/IgM sample dispensing from the other tests .Please read carefully the following the test procedures and illustration.

Sample dilution:

Add 50ul HAV serum or plasma into the sample dilution bottle first, then mix the solution plenty.

  1. Remove the test cassette from sealed pouch and used it within one hour. Best results will be obtained if the assay is performed immediately after opening foil pouch.

  2. Hold the dropper vertically, draw the sample dilution up to the Fill Line as shown in illustration below (approximately 5uL).then transfer the sample dilution to the sample port (S) which part have been marked. Or using micropipette add 5ul dilution sample into the sample port (S) which part have been marked.

  3. Add 2 drops of buffer (approx. 80ul) into the dilution well (B) of the test cassette, start the time.

  4. Read the results at 20 minutes; do not interpret after 20 minutes.

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