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Vaginal pH Test
Vaginal pH Test Panel

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ABT-FT-B227          Vaginal pH Swab Test Panel


ACCU-TELL® One Step Vaginal pH Test Panel(Vaginal Swab) is a One Step dry chemical method for the qualitative detection of pH in female vaginal swab specimens to aid in the diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis.



NORMAL RANGE: Vaginal pH levels in the range 3.8-4.4 are within the normal range. The color of indicator is yellowish.

ABNORMAL RANGE: Vaginal pH levels over 4.4 are outside of the normal/healthy range. The color of the indicator is darker and becomes a brown-green-blue shade.


  1. Some menopausal women may have an elevated vaginal pH, and therefore may receive a positive result with ACCU-TELL® One Step Vaginal pH Test Panel(Vaginal Swab) even though they are not suffering from a bacterial or parasitic infection.

  2. Certain occurrences can temporarily alter the pH level of the vaginal and may lead to false results. Therefore, please note the following restrictions when performing the test / measurement:

  • Measure at least 48 hours after sexual activity.

  • Measure at least 12 hours after the use of vaginal medical products (vaginal suppositories, creams, gels, etc.).

  • Measure only 3-4 days after the end of a period.

  1. Do not wash or shower the area immediately before taking the measurement.

  2. Be aware that urine may cause a false test result.

  3. Never begin any treatment before you have discussed the result of the test with a doctor.

  4. In cases of improper use, there may occur a rupture of virgin women’s hymen, as it occurs when using tampons.

  5. This is NOT a test for sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV, chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea or syphilis.