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ABA-1                               Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer


ABA-1 is the newest Semi-auto analyzer in our company. The instrument is easy to use. It can store 72 tests parameters include 12 tests ready for developing. The programmed test can be used or revised at random if needed. Many programs, such as Liver function determination, Kidney function determination, Lipids, Glucose and ion test etc. can be tested on the machine to meet the clinics and hospitals’ need.


1.  The core parts of the analyzers, such as the flow cell, peristaltic pump, pump tube, filter and photo cell etc., are all provided by the international manufactures in the world. And thus the accuracy and reproducibility are guaranteed.

2.  The special design of the externally installed peristaltic pump provides easy replacement
3.  Aspiration of samples, choice of wavelength, washing procedures, selecting of pipetting volumes, temperature control, are all under computer program to run automatically.
4.  The instrument can monitor reaction curve in kinetics programs during the test procedure.
5.  It can print the test report of one patient or that of all the patients by the internal thermo printer or the printer of the PC through RS-232’s connecting.
6.  The interface makes the operation easy and convenient.
7.  Measures for avoiding cross-contamination: Aspirate the sample then aspirate some air to improve the precision and accuracy.
8.  Testing methods: End-point, Kinetics, Fixed time, Differential mode, Double wavelength and Absorbance.
9.  By Peltier effect
10.  The imported halogen lamp has the long life-span.
11.  The reagent system is open for biochemical regents produced by different manufactures.


A) Optical system
Light Source: Quarts Halogen Lamp, 6V/10W
Spectral Range : 340~670nm, 7 filters
Range of Absorbance: 0~3.000 O.D
Stray light: ≤1%
Keyboard: 24 keys including the numeric and functional keys;
B) Memorizer(Memorizing Syste):
The contents programmable in the E2PROM
The main program is stored in the Single Chip and EPRAM.
72 testing items can be programmed by the operator, including testing method, wavelength, temperature, unit, reference value range, delay time & testing time, sipping volume, decimal digits, S.D., QC target value of each item.
The factor can be displayed, stored and revised freely and used for further testing.
C) Testing methods:
End-point: Absorbance of the reaction mixture is measured just once. Absorbance can be measured a tone (monochromatic) or two (bichromatic) wavelength. Calibration is based on the use of standards (one or several) or programmed factor.
Fixed time: Absorbance of reaction mixture is read twice. Calibration can be based on the use of standards (one or several) or programmed factor.
Differential mode: This analysis mode requires two reagents for each sample, for each standard and even for the reagent blank. Reagent 1 corresponds to the buffer and reagent 2 is the buffer plus chromophore. Calibration can be based on the use of standard or a programmed factor.
Kinetics: The kinetics mode is used to measure the concentration of enzymatic activity. Absorbance of the reaction mixture is measured 31 times in the programmed incubation period. Calibration can be based on the use of a standard or a programmed factor.
Double wavelength: The double wavelength is used to measure the absorbance with 2 or more standards to get the value to calculate.
Multi-standard: The multi-standard is used to measure the absorbance with 2 wavelengths to get the value to calculate.
D) Quality Control
The QC parameters (QC target value and S.D.) can be set while editing the program.
QC plot and QC parameters (Mean value, S.D. and C.V.) can be checked
Check the concrete QC data within 1 month.
The last 31 QC data of each experiment is stored in the memorizing system.
Each QC datum can be displayed in the plot and printed.
E) Aspiration system:
Peristaltic pump: Sipping volume programmable from 500-1400ul
Minimum sampling volume: 500ul
F) Reading system
1) Flow cell
Window: quarts window
Capacity: 32ul, Light path: 1cm
2) Cuvette
Capacity: 500ul, light path: 1cm
G) Temperature control
By Peltier effect, with the temperature selectable 25℃, 30℃, 37℃.
Accuracy: ±0.2
Precision: ±0.1
240*128 Lattice LCD;
H) Power supply
Voltage :220V±20%
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: Max 100VA
I) Ambient conditions:
Temperature: 10~35℃
Humidity: ≤80%
J) Dimensions: 430(L)*320(W)*220(H) mm

Weight: 14Kg


The above information is just for reference. The actual technical specifications are subject to the insert provided with the product.


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